Suspension Trainer 1900 930

The Suspension Trainer 1900 930 stands as a multifaceted piece of fitness equipment, primed for a well-rounded physical regimen. With a column distance reaching 1900 mm and ropes precisely extending to 930 mm, it supports two individuals, facilitating a broad range of exercises that capitalize on body weight, from strength drills to flexibility sessions. Its meticulously crafted design exudes stability and versatility, making it suitable for enthusiasts across the fitness spectrum. Whether your aspirations lie in honing core prowess, refining balance, or elevating muscular stamina, the Suspension Trainer emerges as a pivotal tool to meet and exceed these objectives.

Material specification

The element is made of high quality S235 steel, which has been cleaned via sandblasting. A corrosion resistant powder coating finish is then applied. Also available with galvanized surface for even greater protection and longevity!
The clamp system allows for easy assembly and extreme stability.
The connecting elements are fastened with vandal-proof stainless steel screws and nuts.
The ends of the bars and posts are sealed with injection-moulded plastic caps.

The ropes of the Suspension Trainer are woven with high-quality, durable fibers, ensuring enduring performance and resilience against wear.

Muscle groups focus


Suspension Trainer 1900 930
EN 16630
Column distance
1900 mm
Height (min-max)
2260 mm
Critical Fall Height (HIC)
1 Person
Difficulty level
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