Multi Gaming Arena - 2

Multifunctional play areas
The multi-arena is a great meeting point for anyone, of any age, who not only wants to enjoy the benefits of sport, but also wants to do so in a playful and communal environment.

Recreational sports and games for all
Community sports grounds, accessible to all, offer children and adults alike the opportunity to bring the local community together, in addition to keeping fit through sport.
When designing the MUGA Recreational Sports Ground as a multi-purpose sports facility, it was important to ensure that it was easily accessible to all and structurally secure against vandalism. For safety reasons, we do not use metal doors on our pitches, so they are accessible to all without restrictions.

Tailor-made solutions
Our facilities offer the possibility to play up to seven different team sports (football, basketball/streetball, floorball, futsal, frisbee, roller-skating). Multi-purpose playing fields or arenas can be designed in standard sizes or to meet any specific needs. We work with carefully selected suppliers with a strong emphasis on safety and quality.

Attractive and inspiring concepts
There are many ways to combine these recreational sports fields, their design allows for various additional improvements to the area of use, such as running tracks, outdoor fitness parks, street furniture such as benches, bike racks, waste bins, etc.
With many years of extensive experience in the construction of outdoor sports facilities, we are happy to help you design multi-arenas that can be freely varied to fit the available space, and to suggest how best to design a recreational sports field that best meets the needs of a community.

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