Extra Large 231 MultiSport Park

The BeStrong EXTRA LARGE 231 MULTISPORT park has such a wide range of equipment that everyone from beginners to more experienced sportsmen and women can find the right equipment for their training. The EXTRA LARGE 231 MULTISPORT is an excellent choice for sports clubs.

Our fitness park equipment includes a wide range of Calisthenics, Fitness, Outdoor CrossFit, Sport specific, Recreational elements, which can be combined with any of our sports park configurations.

For increased safety, we install these BeStrong gyms with rubber flooring.

Workout exercises can be supplemented with various exercise equipment such as TRX, kettlebell or medicine ball.

Capacity: up to 26 people can exercise on the fitness equipment at the same time.

Fitness park elements

Quality and unique design

BeStrong fitness parks are manufactured with innovation and continuous improvement in mind to ensure that our products meet the most demanding needs.

The desired sports park is designed by our experienced engineers after a needs assessment. Our specialists then manufacture the sports park on our own premises and finally install it on request.

Sports parks are also available with custom painting, for more information please contact our colleagues:

All BeStrong sports park elements are certified according to MSZ EN 16630 2015 “Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.”

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