Glute - Ham Developer

BeStrong glute ham developer crossfit edzéseszköz

The GHD (Glute Ham Developer) allows you to strengthen and develop the muscles of the hamstrings, glutes and trunk in isolation. BeStrong GHD’s footrest is fully adjustable and designed to provide a stable hold while performing exercises.

The semi-cylindrical cushion and support cylinders at the foot provide a comfortable grip, while the handles help you to get on and off the device safely.

Aesthetic and durable
The tools are powder coated to resist wear and mechanical damage. All elements of the structure are laser-cut steel, which ensures high quality and aesthetic appearance.

Professional upholstery
The bench is upholstered in high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing faux leather, guaranteeing a hygienic and comfortable workout for users.

Both upholsteries are perfect materials for training benches because:
-Does not absorb sweat and moisture
-Does not emit unpleasant odours
-Easy to clean and maintain
-Antifungal and antibacterial
-The carbon material is UV resistant and can therefore be used outdoors

Our products are highly recommended:
-Fitness studios
-Crossfit gyms
-Home gyms

Why choose BeStrong crossfit equipment?
We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing sports and fitness equipment. Based on user needs, our skilled engineers, with the help of competitive athletes, design and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards. We use only certified raw materials from European suppliers to manufacture our products.

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Leather and carbon pattern

Választható kárpit crosfitt eszközökhöz

There are two material patterns to choose from for our upholstered Crossfit equipments, leather and carbon.

Easy mobility

BeStrong Crossfit terem

The Crossfit device is equipped with caster wheels and handles to make it easy to move around the gym.

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