Equipment Holder - 5 Hooks

BeStrong eszköz akasztó rendszer 5 crossfit edzőterem kiegészítő

The wall-mounted tool holder provides storage for lighter gym equipment. The rack has 5 hooks for excellent storage of jump ropes, weight lifting belts, rubber bands, etc. This makes it a useful addition to CrossFit gyms, helping to keep the gym tidy.

Aesthetic and durable
The tools are powder coated to resist wear and mechanical damage. All elements of the structure are laser-cut steel, which ensures high quality and aesthetic appearance.

Our products are highly recommended for:
-Fitness studios
-Crossfit gyms
-Home gyms

Why choose BeStrong crossfit equipment?
We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing sports and fitness equipment. Based on user needs, our skilled engineers, with the help of competitive athletes, design and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards. We use only certified raw materials from European suppliers to manufacture our products.

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